Try the UltraSlide Slideboard: The Ultimate Lateral Trainer for Cyclists

If you want that extra edge during your next big race, you’ll have to train strategically. While there are countless exercises for cycling that can be performed in the saddle, the best athletes mix up their training methods to reap the most rewards. As the old saying goes: Train smarter, not harder. What’s the latest technology that has been utilized by both amateurs and pros alike? Lateral training. This method allows cyclists to truly challenge their weaknesses and build their strengths through a variety of fun drills. Plus, lateral training may be utilized during rain or shine! That means you can enjoy a quality workout, no matter the season. Find out all about the slideboard, the latest lateral training for cyclists, and learn the best exercises for cycling below!

What is a Lateral Trainer?

Before we launch into your new routine, let’s go over the basics of lateral training. You may be familiar with linear training, which involves forward and backward movements. Lateral training focuses on training in multiple planes, including side-to-side exercises. Since cycling involves moving forward with great speeds, you may wonder why athletes bother to train laterally at all. Training in multiple planes can really hone your balance and strength, so you have an extra edge while tackling sharp corners or uneven terrain. Lateral training for cyclists simply creates more well-rounded athletes.

If you’re ready to dip your toe into the world of lateral training, take a moment to explore the UltraSlide slideboards. The slick surface allows athletes to glide with minimal resistance, which is perfect for speed work and stability exercises. These versatile tools can be used at home, in the gym, and even during travel. Check out the following options:

  • TheĀ UltraSlide 5 is a perfectly portable slideboard that is fully customizable. Add a team logo or graphic to personalize your lateral trainer!
  • The UltraSlide 8 is the best-selling slideboard that will fit into any fitness regimen. This adjustable trainer is perfect for exercises for cyclists, as well as physical therapy and mobility work.
  • The UltraSlide Octagon allows athletes to train on a 360-degree surface. However, you can also transform this adaptable tool into two rectangular boards with bumpers.
ultraslide octagon

How Can Cyclists Utilize a Lateral Trainer?

Cycling requires a great deal of strength, balance, and endurance, so athletes require versatile methods to optimize their training. That’s where the slideboard comes in. Sure, you can cross train on a bulky treadmill for endurance or pound the weights for muscle development, but can you do it all at home? The UltraSlide slideboard models are unique in their portability and effectiveness. In fact, the slideboard has been used everywhere from physical therapy clinics to professional sports gyms. Who knew something so simple could be so effective?

Lateral training can target your weaknesses with pinpoint accuracy, but it can also provide a total body workout without leaving the home. For example, you can utilize high-intensity interval training methods on a slideboard to work on conditioning during a rainy day. Skater squats and slide lunges will really get your heart rate up. Want to improve your balance? Practice stabilizing yourself with a few sets of planks or L-sits. Feel free to get creative, and you’ll see that the options are endless.

What are the Best Lateral Trainer Exercises for Cyclists?

So, how should you get started once you unpack your brand new slideboard? The choice is up to you! Here are some of our recommended exercises for cycling.

  • Lunges are a classic movement that develops the leg strength that you need for that big race. Bodyweight lunges are a great starting point, and you can really work on your speed to take a plyometric approach. If you’d like to really challenge your strength, consider using resistance bands or hand weights to build muscle.
  • Slideboard sprints are great for aerobic conditioning, but they’re also just a lot of fun! Practice swinging your arms and sliding from one foot to the other as you glide across the slick surface of the slideboard. Set a timer to work on your endurance, or try HIIT-style training for an exhilarating workout on a tight schedule.
  • Want to engage your core? Get in a plank position and hold for as long as you can. For a greater challenge, practice pulling one knee into your chest while remaining tight throughout your core and legs.
Road cyclist

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