UltraSlide Build Tough, Long-Lasting Slide Boards

Ultraslide in useWe know that athletes who buy our boards are looking for a product they can rely on well into the future for their conditioning workouts. That is why we deliver the highest quality lateral trainers available on the market. It’s our mission to help athletes and those looking to improve their physical health with quality equipment to maximize their efforts.

High Quality Construction

The secret to our UltraSlide slide boards begins with high-quality and sustainable construction materials. Our baseboards are the highest-quality wood, and all the panels are from responsibly managed forests and are certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). The hardwood that makes up our slide board bumpers are all reclaimed wood–all from trees in the Chicago area. The non-slip rubber underneath our boards comes from recycled tires, and it’s all laminated using water-based, low-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) glue.

We pride ourselves on producing a responsible, sustainable product that is built to withstand long-term institutional use which is why UltraSlide boards have become a staple in professional athletic departments all over the country.

A Long Term Investment

We know that our boards are offered at a higher price point than some other lateral trainers, but we believe that an UltraSlide board is a long term investment — not something you use for a few workouts and then throw away.

Other lateral trainers are not produced with the same standards of quality, which accounts for their cheapness. Our boards, on the other hand, are portable, easy to use, and they are built specifically to withstand institutional use. In the end, this makes them cheaper than other boards on the market.

Athletes — or just those looking to up their fitness — don’t have to buy and buy multiple boards over the years when they invest in an UltraSlide board. One Division 1 hockey team has been using an UltraSlide board in the training facility since 1995, and it still functions great and continues to help players improve their game.

Learn More About UltraSlide Boards Today

If you’re looking for a simple, elegant, and efficient piece of exercise technology, we have the perfect piece of equipment for you. To learn more about us, our story, and our line of lateral trainers, reach out online or by calling 1-847-480-1366.