UltraSlide Slideboard: Try This Tuesday

Sometimes the lack of movement can be just as important as how much or how fast you move. Planks are a prime example of full body toning given the need to use your muscles to keep your body supported, steady and in place. Here are 3 variations of planks to challenge yourself and add some interest to your routine:

Level I: If you’re still mastering planks, work them into your routine more regularly and aim to achieve good form for longer periods of time.

Level II: Try planks on the UltraSlide Slideboard. Place your hands off the board but position your feet (in the slide slippers) on the board. No need to move – trying to maintain balance on the slippery surface will provide an extra challenge. You will feel it in your core!

Level III: If you’ve mastered planks and already know the secret to doing them perfectly with the Ultraslide, add a @Bosu! The Bosu provides a similar challenge for your upper body as the slideboard does for the lower body. The goal is maintain good form at all times and achieve upper and lower body stability. (Shown Below)

Shanelle Smith, Phenomenal Fitness - Chicago, IL

Shanelle Smith, Phenomenal Fitness – Chicago, IL

Remember that you don’t have to perform these exercises for long periods of time. Aim for 1 to 2 minutes as a part of a full work routine. This exercise can be performed on any of the Ultraslide Slideboards.