UltraSlide Slideboards: An Innovative Lateral Trainer for Swimmers

If you want to be a force of nature when you hit the pool, then you need to train hard and train smart. And if you’re looking for that extra edge, then lateral training for swimming is the key to your success. Experts agree that that lateral training can be an incredibly effective way to improve your agility and speed, so you can get one step closer to your goals. If you’re in the market for a lateral trainer for swimmers, slideboards by UltraSlide are your new secret weapon. Let’s dive into the benefits of this innovative tool and discuss the swimming exercises that can improve your performance in the water.

Lateral Training Basics

Just what is lateral training – and why do I need to do it? That’s a question that many swimmers ask! Many athletes are very familiar with more linear training. This style of training emphasizes front and backward movements: breaststroke, butterfly, etc. But, it’s important to have explosive strength when moving side-to-side as well. Just think about the freestyle and backstroke events. Training your movements in a variety of planes creates a well-rounded athlete, so you are unstoppable in your lane. That’s where lateral training for swimmers comes in.

A slideboard by UltraSlide is lateral trainer with a flat, slick surface. Step on the board with a set of Slide Slippers, and you can move with lightning speed! The versatile slideboard system allows you to move in any direction, challenging both your muscular strength and balance. Here are a few models that may interest you:

  • The UltraSlide 8 is the best-selling slideboard in the inventory, and for good reason! This slideboard may be adjusted to suit a wide variety of drills, and you can even customize it with your team name!
  • The UltraSlide Octagon provides a greater surface area for 360-degree training, though it can also be reconfigured into the classic rectangular shape if needed. Plus, it features a durable set of bumpers to keep you in the ring.
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Lateral Training for Swimmers

Swimmers deal with different circumstances than many athletes. While track and field athletes struggle with air resistance and headwinds, swimmers must battle the pushback from the water as they race to the water’s edge. This means they need unique training methods that help them battle the water turbulence and drag of the pool. Developing stability and balance is crucial to take control of your lane.

Lateral trainers are ideal to develop this stability. The slideboard is an infinitely adaptable tool that can train the entire body, while challenging your core to hold tight. Whether performing explosive sprints or practicing sliding lunges, your entire body must work hard to stabilize during the fluid movements. This has major carry-over to your performance in the pool. Plus, you’ll strengthen your muscles and increase your endurance in one fell swoop.

Swimming Exercises

Once your new slideboard has arrived, how should you get started? There are tons of different lateral training exercises that you can explore. Feel free to try a few of our favorites:

  • Slideboard sprints are a classic movement that’s a whole lot of fun! Think of a speed skater in action as you swing your arms across your body, sliding from left to right and back again. Adjust the bumpers and board length as needed.
  • Traditional cardio moves like the mountain climber and burpee are easily adaptable to the slideboard. This develops your cardiovascular endurance, while challenging your muscles.
  • Put a new spin on walking lunges on the slick surface of your slideboard. Sink into a lunge with your front knee at a 90-degree angle, while using your arms for balance. Repeat with the opposite leg and increase your speed as a new challenge.

Pick Up a New Lateral Trainer Today!

As you can see, the slideboard from UltraSlide is a versatile tool that is the perfect companion to a promising swimmer. From resistance drills to cardiovascular training, athletes can easily improve all of their weaknesses with just one piece of equipment. Plus, it’s easy to store for those with limited space in college dormitories or small apartments. Are you interested to see what the slideboard can do for you? Learn allĀ about UltraSlide and check out the wide variety of slideboards that you can purchase online. From ultra-portable UltraSlide 5 to the sprawling 360-degree UltraSlide Octagon, any athlete can find the right board for their needs at our shop. Feel free to contact us for more information about lateral trainers for swimmers. We look forward to helping you reach your goals!

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