What Are Slide Boards Used For?

exercise slideboard

UltraSlide slideboards are versatile pieces of equipment, used by athletes, fitness enthusiasts, trainers, coaches, and physical therapists around the world. Popular for the lateral training, agility, and core stabilizing benefits their use provides, slideboards can be used by anyone seeking an effective workout. Slideboards offer endless possibilities for use by individuals seeking results in fitness, sports performance, and physical therapy.

What Are Slideboards Used for?

  • Fitness: Working out with slideboards allows for fun and challenging workouts by fitness enthusiasts at any level.
  • Sports Performance: Slideboards are used by athletes across every sport to enhance their training and performance.
  • Physical Therapy: Slideboards allow for low-impact, closed chain functional exercise that facilitates a faster return to play and activities of daily living.


Slideboards provide a highly effective, challenging, and fun aerobic workout. Whatever your fitness goals might be, incorporating an UltraSlide into your workout regimen will help you work toward and accomplish them. Exercises with a slideboard enhance weight loss efforts with fun, low-impact cardiovascular moves that can be performed by individuals at any point on their fitness journey. Working out with a slideboard also contributes to muscle conditioning exercise, helping you to improve your balance and core strength.

If endurance is your priority, using a slideboard for low-resistance training can help you to move faster and for longer periods of time. Joint strength can be improved upon by using a slideboard, building hip stability and strength, and helping to reduce the risk of injury and recover more quickly.

Sports Performance

Teams, athletes, and coaches in every sport imaginable across North America, Europe, and Australia have benefited from integrating UltraSlide slideboards into their training and performance programs. Slideboards are used by athletes across virtually every sport, including soccer and rugby, baseball and softball, basketball and netball, American football and Australian rules football, ice hockey and field hockey, and running and swimming.

Slideboards allow athletes to target muscle groups and movements specific to their sport of choice — from heightening their ability to steal second in baseball to giving you the strength to juke around the footballdefenders. Lateral agility and core stability training and conditioning with slideboards are extremely beneficial to preparing your body to perform at its best.

Physical Therapy

Slideboards are a staple in physical therapy and rehabilitation facilities, from professional sports teams to private practice clinics to hospitals, and many users have benefited from slideboard physical therapy exercises. Slideboards allow for low-impact, closed chain functional exercise that emphasizes the frontal plane movement that is so critical for return to play and activities of daily living. Using slideboards also improves strength, balance, coordination, core strength, and proprioception. Many parts of the body can benefit from slideboard physical therapy exercises, including the feet, ankles, knees, hips, and core stabilizers.

Slideboards are functional training tools with endless possibilities for use in the realms of fitness, sports performance, and physical therapy. Allowing for fun, low-impact exercise, slideboards can be incorporated into any exercise, training, or therapy regimen to enhance your efforts and help you reach your goals.

UltraSlide slideboards have benefited teams, athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and rehabilitation patients worldwide for more than 25 years. Relied upon by professional and collegiate strength and conditioning coaches, sports medicine professionals, leaders in fitness, personal trainers, and home fitness enthusiasts, UltraSlide slideboards provide fun and challenging lower-body workouts and are highly effective functional training tools.