Which Slideboard is Right for Your Fitness Plan?

Slideboards are great for home gyms and professional training centers alike, but with a wealth of available UltraSlide boards, it can be difficult to determine which board is best for your unique fitness plan. Take our quiz below to see which of these versatile pieces of fitness equipment best fulfills the needs of your fitness exercise routine — from boards that are better for weight loss to others that are ideal for endurance training.

1.) Who Will Use the UltraSlide Slide Board?

A. Just me!

B. Trainers at my gym

C. My kid

D. My team

2.) What is The Experience Level of the Board User?

A. Basically a body builder

B. Athletic Adult

C. Athletic Youth

D. Beginner of any age

3.) What Types of Exercises Do You Wish To Perform?

A. Quick Cardio

B. Muscle Toning

C. Agility Training

D. High-Intensity Cardio

4.) What is Your Long-Term Workout Goal?

A. Weight Loss

B. Muscle Conditioning

C. Intense Endurance Training

D. Become an Unstoppable Force of Nature

Answer Key: Add Up Your Points, and Find Your UltraSlide Board
1.) A-2, B-4, C-1, D-3 / 2.) A-4, B-3, C-2, D-1 / 3.) A-1, B-3, C-2, D-4 / 4.) A-1, B-2, C-3, D-4

Slideboard Options

If you’re looking to make your fitness routine more efficient, diverse or intense, there is an UltraSlide board waiting for you. See which board(s) is best for you from your final quiz score.

If you have 4 to 6 points, check out these boards

  • UltraSlide 5: If space is limited, this slideboard is perfect as it takes up just 5 feet. It doesn’t include bumpers, but it’s excellent for developing joint strength variations on the traditional squat. Experiment with lateral squats and sliding your feet into position.
  • UltraSlide 6: If you have a little more space in your gym, increase your workout options with the addition of bumpers on the either end of your board. This board is ideal for weight loss exercises like double leg and single leg mountain climbers.

If you have 7 to 9 points, try out this board

  • UltraSlide 8H: With adjustable bumpers 8 feet of commercial grade slideboard, this option helps you cross train and get ready for your next triathlon. Too trim excess weight, try body saws, which is a variation on a plank.
Using Ultraslide

Using the Octogon

If you have 10 to 12 points, take a look at this board

  • UltraSlide 8: Our most popular slideboard is a common staple in professional gyms because it stands up to industrial use. Upgrade your endurance training with powerful speed skating where you propel yourself to the ends of the board in a lunge position.

If you have 13 or more points, you need one of these boards

  • UltraSlide 10: If you want more muscle conditioning , try the spacious 10 foot board. Alternating slide lunges are easy on this board. Stand in the middle and quickly slide into a lateral lunge. Rapidly repeat while alternating sides.
  • UltraSlide Octagon: This extremely customizable board gives you plenty of space for truly dynamic movement. Build your endurance with a lunge run. It’s similar to the alternating slide lunges expect you use the standard lunge motion.

If you want to get the most from your slideboard in the long run, opt for helpful accessories like the slide slippers and slide polish.

Find the Perfect Slideboard for Your Fitness Equipment

Now that you have an idea of which slideboard is best for your fitness routine, get in touch with UltraSlide to order it today. If you have any questions or want to learn more, fill out our quick contact form.

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