Why Does Exercise Make You Happy?

Fit Man and Woman having fun
Most people are aware that one of the crucial ingredients for happiness is simple: exercise. What many people don’t understand are the physiological mechanics that create the connection between happiness and exercise. However, the connection isn’t actually that difficult to understand.


How Exercise Promotes Happiness

Modern Americans often find themselves bedeviled by anxieties, fears, frustrations, and sadnesses. What’s important to remember is that one easy and extremely affordable way to improve your happiness is through exercise. By making sure that you’re getting a little bit of exercise every day — whether it’s hardcore workouts or playing your favorite sports — you can promote your happiness the old fashioned way. But how does exercise help generate happiness, exactly? Here are a few explanations:

  • Exercise release chemicals in your brain – As you age, you lose dopamine, which is a chemical important in the generation of the mental state we call happiness. However, exercise can help replenish your stores of dopamine and thereby reverse the decline in production.
  • Exercise decreases stress – Not only will exercise distract you from certain sources of stress, but it also subjects your body to a low-level form of literal stress, helping to trigger hormonal changes that help teach your body how better to handle other forms of stress.
  • Exercise gives you energy – Likewise, exercise will keep you energized, even when you’re feeling sapped of energy already.
  • Exercise boosts your confidence – This is probably self-explanatory, but exercise also helps boost your confidence by keeping you fit and reminding you that you’re capable of disciplining yourself. At the same time, exercise also helps reduce the sorts of anxieties that will reduce your confidence  by providing an immediate elevation in mood.

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