Why Slide Boards are Great for Home Workouts

As January quickly approaches, many will be making plans and setting goals for healthy and active lifestyles in 2020. While there are endless options for gyms and fitness facilities where you can carry out your resolutions, working out at home can be the best way get into a new habit of exercising or building onto your current routine. UltraSlide slide boards offer an effective home workout, with models specially designed to be used in the home setting regardless of your schedule, where you are in your fitness journey, or the weather.

Why Slide Boards are Great for Home Workouts

  • Schedule: With a slide board at home you can exercise when it’s convenient for you, making it easier to stick with your workouts.
  • Your Own Pace: Exercising in the privacy of your home on a slide board eliminates the anxiety of the gym and lets you comfortably navigate what exercise duration and workout structures are best for you.
  • Rain or Shine: Having a slide board in your house makes it easy to exercise when conditions outside aren’t ideal for getting out, and helps you stay in shape for the sports you enjoy.


With busy home, work, and social lives, it’s not surprising that 48% of Americans admit to skipping workouts because they don’t have enough free time. Having a slide board in your home gym or chosen workout space solves this problem, eliminating the need to figure a commute and other variables into the time you allot for your workout. By using a slide board home, you can fit exercising in where you can.

Slide Boards are great for Home Workouts It doesn’t have to take hours to accomplish effective, quality exercise on a slide board. Thanks to the low impact, high intensity nature of many slide board moves, even 30 minutes can provide you with a satisfying full-body workout in a fraction of the time it would take to go to the gym. The UltraSlide 6 is a model designed for home use and can easily be stored under a bed or behind a couch, making it easy to go on with your day when you’re done.

At Your Own Pace

If you are new to exercise or returning to it after considerable time away, diving into a fitness routine can be daunting. While many gyms and training facilities take great strides to promote inclusive and welcoming environments, statistics show that more than 65% of individuals who avoid the gym do so out of the fear of being judged. Working out in the comfort and privacy of your home with a slide board can be a “safe” way to take those first steps back into exercise.

Working out at home with an UltraSlide also helps those just getting started by letting them test the waters with the time and structure of slide board workouts. Whether you would like to start with 15 minutes of sliding, or build to a longer and more intense routine, having a slide board in your home allows you to progress at a pace that you are comfortable with, and at your convenience.

Rain or Shine

While outdoor exercise has many positive benefits, cold temperatures and rainy or snowy days are responsible for the common desire to cozy up inside and stay put. Having an exercise option, such as a slide board indoors, that doesn’t require leaving the house or gearing up for the day’s conditions provides one less excuse for skipping a workout!

sideboards for workoutIndividuals who enjoy many outdoor recreational sports can also see improvements to their game thanks to time spent on a slide board. Fans of playing tennis, golf, skiing, cycling, and many other activities can use the UltraSlide to perform exercises that replicate major motions and movements practiced in their respective sports, making slide board exercise a great way to train for your sport of choice year-round. The UltraSlide 8H, designed for training at home, is perfect for athletes and amateurs alike.

UltraSlide slide boards have benefited teams, athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and rehabilitation patients worldwide for more than 25 years. Relied upon by professional and collegiate strength and conditioning coaches, sports medicine professionals, leaders in fitness, personal trainers, and home fitness enthusiasts, UltraSlide slide boards provide fun and challenging lower-body workouts and are highly effective functional training tools.