Why is it Important to Warm Up Before Exercise?

Working Out

Whether you are just beginning an exercise regimen or are a seasoned athlete, properly warming up your muscles before hitting the gym is essential. Why is it important to warm up before exercise? Read on to see why you shouldn’t skip this step!

Reasons to Warm Up

  • Increase Circulation – You wouldn’t want to just start running your vehicle in cold weather without letting it warm up first, right? The same principle should be applied to your body. A great way to get the blood flowing to your tendons, ligaments, and muscles is with a 5-10 minute walk or light jog. With a short warm up, your body’s systems have the chance to prepare for working together. A warm up gradually increases your heart rate and there is less of a risk of muscle injury. Tendons and ligaments also become more flexible, so there is a smaller chance of tears.
  • Mental Preparation – Your warm up gives your mind a chance to ease into your workout, which is especially beneficial for stressful activities such as like weightlifting, a strenuous aerobics class, or hiking. Being mentally prepared increases the chance that you will power through the toughest parts of your workout.

How to Warm Up

  • Keep your warm ups short and light – You don’t want to overdo it, but a 10-15 minute brisk walk or jog should help you break a sweat before you begin stretching.
  • Use dynamic stretching – Make sure you are doing movements that actively stretch your muscles. Stretching muscles cold may even minimize your power during your workout.
  • Tailor your warm up to your workout – If your workout is cardio-focused, be sure to do a warm up that gradually increases your heart rate. If you plan to lift weights, your warm up should not include weights and should focus on testing your joints and range of motion for the day.

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