Lateral vs. Linear Training

Athletes looking to optimize their performance and stamina need to incorporate lateral training as well as linear training into their workout routine. For many sports, athletes have to move side to side as well as forward and backward. That is why adding lateral training to a workout is so important. Lateral and linear training are equally crucial in becoming a well-rounded athlete.

What is Lateral Training?

While being able to move backward and forward rapidly is key for many athletes, it is also necessary to be able to change direction quickly. That is why a slideboard from UltraSlide can be so beneficial. Our lateral trainers are carefully crafted using only the highest quality materials so you can rely on their durability for many years to come.

The slick surface of the slideboard helps build muscle control as you move from side to side. Our UltraSlide Octagon even allows you to have a full 360 degrees of motion. How can you use an UltraSlide slideboard?

  • Core exercises like side plank tucks and single-leg mountain climbers
  • Conditioning exercises such as speed skaters and alternating side lunges
  • Stretching exercises like inchworm that can also strengthen muscles

What is Linear Training?

A majority of daily movement is performed in a linear plane (going forward or backward). Walking and jogging are typically linear movements. Linear actions like sprinting can help improve speed, but in most sports, the ability to move side to side just as important, if not more important, as speed.

Using slideboard

Imbalance in Training

If you focus on just lateral or linear training, specific muscles can become overly strong. While this may not sound like a problem, it can actually lead to imbalances that can cause muscle weakness and potential injuries. You do not want to neglect a whole direction of movement in your training regimen.

Add Lateral Training to Your Routine

If you have been focusing only on linear training, it is time to add lateral training to your routine. With an UltraSlide lateral trainer, you can work on agility, flexibility, and strength training that you wouldn’t be able to do with linear training alone. Browse our inventory to see which slideboard best meets your needs. If you have any questions, be sure to contact us at your convenience.

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