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Ethically and Sustainably Made in the USA

All UltraSlide slide boards are assembled at, and shipped from, our production facility in Northbrook, Illinois, north of Chicago. Sustainability and environmental stewardship are at the heart of every decision we make as a company and are fundamental to the UltraSlide brand.

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Who utilizes the slideboard?

Professional Organizations

The UltraSlide slide board is utilized by nearly every MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL team – as well as professional teams in a variety of sports worldwide – hundreds of NCAA programs, physical therapy clinics, high schools, and training centers, not to mention home gyms. Professional and collegiate strength and conditioning coaches utilize the UltraSlide for lateral training, agility, and core stabilizing workouts.

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Trainers & Therapists

Athletic trainers and physical therapists rely on UltraSlide for a variety of rehabilitative needs. Fitness professionals, personal trainers, and home fitness enthusiasts have found the UltraSlide to be not just a fun and challenging lower-body workout, but a highly effective total body training tool.

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CEO and Founder of MOTUS Specialists Physical Therapy, Inc.

"The UltraSlide boards have been an incredibly important addition to our physical therapy practice. They work for a variety of important rehabilitation techniques and progressions and all the clients love it. The boards are very well-made and the addition of our clinic’s logo is a very nice touch. I highly recommend UltraSlide for any physical therapy practice.”

Luke Butler Director of Athletic Performance

Trinity Christian School, Sharpsburg, GA

“We ordered the UltraSlide 10 last year and since then our athletes have seen greater improvements in not only in strength and stamina but also in their multi-directional capabilities. Aside from being a great tool for our training goals, our athletes love using the slide board which only enhances their quality of training. Additionally, the product is very well-built and durable.”

Mikhael Ricks


“After playing in the NFL for 7 years, I became a Sports Performance Coach & made it a point to train my clients on the UltraSlide for maximum results. Hamstring strength, core strength, balance, and training in the frontal plane are all necessary when bulletproofing your body as an athlete or average Joe or bouncing back from rehab. I always tell my clients to use your body as a machine & the UltraSlide is a tool that I recommend!"

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