Most parents are aware that keeping your child well-exercised is crucial to ensuring both their mental and their physical health. Yet many parents are unsure about the best ways to go about ensuring a healthy routine and organizing health-promoting exercise regimens. That’s where we come in.

At UltraSlide, we offer families a range of youth slideboard training ideas — and slide board equipment — designed to help you ensure that your child stays as healthy as possible. Read on for the details, and then be sure to visit our UltraSlide store online yourself to see our customizable slide boards for your child to enjoy.


The answers are mostly obvious — in order to keep your children healthy, you need to keep them exercising with fun actives like a youth slideboard workout routine. Exercise helps your kids develop their bodies at a formative period of their lives, and it also helps them avoid that scourge of American society, obesity. There are also a range of mental benefits to exercise that sometimes go unremembered.

For example, exercise helps kids gain extra confidence, and it also helps them to let off steam after long periods of sitting at school. Moreover, exercise keeps kids engaged with their peers in a social and cooperative way. And if your child starts a fun exercise routine early on in life, they become encourage to develop self-discipline.


So how can kids exercise, and which exercises are most conducive to solid health? In general, you want to find exercises that develop three critically important areas: endurance, strength, and flexibility. Let’s begin with endurance first.

  • Endurance – Endurance is developed when kids perform aerobic activities, like running, jogging, and basically any sport, like basketball, soccer, or hockey, that keeps them running and their heart beating. Other aerobic activities include:
    • Bicycling
    • Inline skating
    • Swimming
    • Tennis
    • Walking
  • Strength – Strength is developed through lifting weights, but kids should probably be focused on other forms of strength building activities. For example, kids should do crunches, push-ups, pull-ups, handstands, and other individual exercises to develop their arm, leg, and stomach muscles. Meanwhile, they can wrestle and climb with their friends to further build strength.
  • Flexibility – Finally, you need to make sure that children also work on their flexibility to balance out their exercise routine. This means stretching, doing cartwheels, practicing splits, and more.

Here at UltraSlide, we’re confident that our youth slideboard workout routines can give your children the development they need.


Of course, you’re probably going to want more information. No problem: learn more about youth slideboard training and exercising for kids and youth fitness with help from UltraSlide. Give us a call at 1-847-480-1366, or reach out to us online. Get your child exercising today with the help of UltraSlide!

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