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A low impact rehabilitation/sports performance device that is composed of a detachable slide board and adjustable plyometric step-up box attached with a simple hook connection. In most case, the Rogo uses gravity as it means of resistance but also allows for the use of supplementary resistance pieces, either free weight or as an attachment. The Rogo gives the user the ability to maintain perfect form throughout the movement by using its unique slide surface as an assist / spotter. In addition, the adjustable box allows for increased assist / spot depending on the user's level of skill.

The major benefit of The Rogo is its flexibility – allowing for a multitude of exercises and its reduction of stress on the joints like the knees and spine while allowing maximal muscle recruitment throughout the movement. For many individuals, high stress on the joints make standard resistance training contraindicated especially when involving multi-joint lower body movements. It is through the Rogo's patent design that it can significantly reduce or eliminate joint associated tension while maximizing the loading of the muscle.

The Rogo’s unique 3-in-1 design allows not only the full use as described above, but also separately as a bumperless slide board and adjustable, plyometric step-up box that adjusts in height from 18 to 30 inches! The flared legs of the box ensures maximum stability under the heaviest loads and the 20 x 20 inch deck will accommodate nearly every athlete.